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An Ode To Diamonds

An Ode To Diamonds

We love diamonds (Duh) so an Ode To Diamonds is waaaay over due - Enjoy!


Roses are Red Violets are Blue

I love Diamonds and you should too

Sparkly and White

Happy and Bright

I wear you always, day or night

Diamonds are Strong

Diamonds are Tough

I can never never have enough

Set in Platinum, set in Gold

You're for everyone - young and old

Diamonds Diamonds look at you

You make me happy when I'm blue

To the Zoo or dinner late 

You will go on every date

Twinkle Twinkle Diamond bands

Looking Fab on both my hands

In my ears

or on my Wrist

When you're not with me you are missed

Stack you up 

Or Solitare

I can wear you everywear!!!!