Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Jewelry Repair & Restoration at Broer-Freeman Jewelers
As you may know, our entire staff is passionate about jewelry – including jewelry repairs. Why have a piece of jewelry you can’t wear? We want to fix it for you so you can love it and wear it as much as when it was brand new!
The majority of our repair work is done in house by our goldsmith. She is a master craftswoman and artist who has 40 years of experience creating and repairing jewelry…. And even more experience wearing it! Our goldsmith does absolutely beautiful repair work which is then re-checked by our experienced staff before going home with you. She is detail oriented and has an uncanny ability to come up with creative solutions to tricky repair problems. She is usually in the store twice a week to do repairs, you may even see her working away in the back!
What to expect when your expecting… a repair!
Whether it is a ring sizing, a broken chain or replacing a missing diamond, we have you covered! When you bring in your piece(s) we will carefully look it over and give you an estimate and timeline for your repair. We are happy to answer any questions you have before your leave your jewelry with us.
Sometimes your piece of jewelry needs extra attention, for those we have resources offsite to help. Rest assured, we will always let you know if your piece needs to be sent out for work and how long it will take before it goes on holiday to be pampered outside of our store.   
Still not sure? Stop in or contact us for a consultation because jewelry cleaning, inspection, and estimates are always complimentary! We are looking forward to helping you!
Here are just some of thing we would love to help you with:
Ring Sizing
Chain repair
Stone Setting
Prong Re-tipping and Rebuilding
Polishing and Refinishing
Rhodium Refinishing
Pearl Re-stringing
Custom Design
Jewelry Appraisals
Watch Batteries
Watch Sizing