Meet Us

Meet David Cameron, our fearless leader.
He jokes that his real job is to defend us from centipedes and spiders and signs the checks, but he has worked in the Jewelry industry since he was a young man. In April of 1973 he got his start from Max Davis, who hired him into the Bailey Banks And Biddle store at Franklin Park. David worked as Store Manager there until he was hired at Broer-Freeman as Vice President in 1985. He loved this store so much that in April of 1995 he became owner and President.

After so many years, styles have changed, trends have come and gone and through it all David can’t get enough. The ever-changing nature of the jewelry industry is one of his favorite parts of owning Broer-Freeman. From amazing new vendors to sourcing fine estate jewelry to designing our own gorgeous pieces; every day is a different and exciting challenge that keeps him on his toes. David adores coming into work every day because you never know who or what will walk through the door.

David is so devoted to the store, he doesn’t like taking time off (no matter how much we ask him to). Our customers are always surprised if they come in and he isn’t here. If you are wondering where he is off to on the rare days he is not here, it is probably very important business – like spending time with his family. He loves nothing more than having breakfast with his 5 grandchildren and wife Beverly or dipping into some guacamole with his 2 daughters.

If you have never met David but he looks familiar, you have probably seen him out and about in the community. He often attends charitable functions in the area and has served on several Boards; including the board of directors of The Better Business Bureau and the Toledo Club. He is also the founder and Chairman of The Toledo Club Topics Magazine. Green thumbs anyone? David is a devoted gardener. Aside from his beautiful garden at home, he has a plot at the 577 Foundation. When weather permits, he also likes to hit the road as David is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Keep an eye out, you may pass him cruising down one of our beautiful country roads!

Over the years David has made many friends in the jewelry industry. He has worked with colleagues from prestigious houses like Tiffany and Company and Waterford Crystal as well as diamond houses and estate buyers from coast to coast. With those types of connections, you better believe having the highest quality merchandise for our customers is his priority.

Meet Rachel
Rachel is the Vice President of Broer-Freeman and our appraiser. She loves jewelry and has been in the industry since 2005. She started out at Zale Corp. and has been with Broer-Freeman since January of 2007. She is a Graduate Gemologist as well as a Certified Gemologist. She holds a degree in business and was certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in April of 2011 and the AGS (American Gem Society) in February of 2016. 

Titles aside, Rachel is also one of our very talented designers. Her favorite thing to do is help people re-make jewelry they are not wearing into something new and fabulous. #jewelrymakeover. Her passion for jewelry is evident in all our social media platforms. Whether in front of the camera or behind; she has a great time posting “Before and Afters”, showing new pieces of jewelry and having fun at the store.

Outside of Broer-Freeman, Rachel loves spending time wither her husband, adorable daughters and their cat Larry. She enjoys being outdoors as much as possible and especially being at the beach. In fact, her affinity for warm weather and tropical climates often can be seen in our social media posts…. So can lots of her favorite things like: her daughters, shoes, hearts and (obviously) jewelry!!

Meet Mandy
Mandy started at Broer- Freeman in 2015. She holds a BA in History with a minor in Art and Design from Purdue University. Originally from Up-State New York, she moved to Northwest Ohio with her husband after they graduated from college and got married. After moving to Ohio, she spent many years in retail, customer service and sales. She then took a few years off to stay home full time with her children. When the opportunity came to work at Broer-Freeman she leapt at the chance to work for the established Jeweler… her husband got nervous about her being surrounded by jewelry every day. Just like everyone else at Broer-Freeman, Mandy’s love of jewelry made coming here a perfect fit.

Mandy really enjoys helping customers find the perfect engagement and anniversary jewelry as well as designing custom pieces. Being hands on and taking our customers through the design process is a wonderful treat for her. Everyone who walks through the door is unique and she feels their jewelry should reflect that. Mandy also is the writer behind our blog. She has almost as much fun writing about jewelry as she does wearing it.

Outside of work she adores spending time with her 3 children and her husband. Baking with and for her kids keeps her busy at home. With all of the baked goods in her house, she likes to stay active downhill skiing in the winter, water skiing in the summer and running with her sister-in-laws year-round.

Meet Kiera
Kiera is the newest addition to the Broer-Freeman family. Don’t be fooled though – she is a jewelry veteran; starting at Zales in Cleveland in 2004. She never looked back & has worked in the jewelry industry ever since.

Kiera is one of our accomplished designers. It is no wonder, she loves art and took every class she could in both High School and College. All of those classes paid off & now she excels at sketching out different jewelry concepts for our customers. She has a unique talent for putting pencil to paper so they can see exactly what their designs will look like. In fact, her sketches are works of art in and of themselves.

How much does Kiera love jewelry? She met her husband when she sold him a watch and got married in 2014. In their free time they love hiking together and playing with their adorable dogs. Like Rachel, Kiera adores the beach …. Coincidence? No. They have taken many beach vacations together over the years and since they do our social media posts together, tropical cocktails and palm trees make frequent cameos.