Charmed, I’m Sure!

Charmed, I’m Sure!

The Charm bracelet. A classic piece that is uniquely you!

I’ve been thinking about charms bracelets a lot lately. I just love them! Don’t you? I’m talking the traditional charm bracelet, a linked bracelet with charms attached that hang down. There is something so special about the way they look, the soft jingling they make and how it feels while wearing it. The charm bracelet isn’t just a really cool piece of jewelry, it tells a specific story about the owner.
Charms have been around for thousands of years. In fact, the charm is probably one of the oldest forms of jewelry. The first modern form of charm bracelet though, is credited to Queen Victoria in the 19th century. Her love of the charm bracelet made it popular throughout Europe. In 1889 Tiffany and Company debuted their iconic charm bracelet – a link bracelet with a single heart charm. Can we say Game Changer?! The rest, as they say, was history. The popularity of the charm bracelet exploded in the 1950’s and 60’s. Today there is still an affinity for this beautiful bauble.

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I have been wanting to start one of my own for the longest time. My mother has a beautiful charm bracelet, my co-workers have lovely charm bracelets and I even started a charm bracelet for my daughter a few years ago. Say What? No charm bracelet on my wrist? Yes, I know it sounds bananas, I have a collection of yellow gold charms in my jewelry box just sitting there waiting for me to attach them to a bracelet…. I mean don’t make a big deal about it… if my husband asks, the collection isn’t that big…. Maybe just a couple of charms…Ahem.
Anyway, it is time… time for the charm bracelet!!!
OK, it’s decided, we need to do this!! Yay! I am all in with you!! Alright, we can figure this out together. First, you need the bracelet either in silver, gold or platinum. Can you use other material? Yes, you probably can – but I am going to warn you right now… Part of the charm of the charm bracelet is that it tells the story of your life and if you want it to last a lifetime, you really need it in a precious metal. Putting all that time and money into something that won’t last is not worth it. Anything with a colored or artificial finish will wear off over time and that totally defeats the purpose!

**Disclaimer** – you can actually start a charm bracelet any way you want (I'm not trying to be bossy) – these are just my suggestions…
As I see it there are 2 good ways of starting out a charm bracelet. Option 1) either collect or buy several charms and equally distribute on the bracelet. I really like having a nice smattering of charms on a bracelet to start. Option 2) have one big charm ala Tiffany & Co. Tag bracelet and then add on from there. It doesn’t have to be a heart tag or a disc – any big statement charm will do!
So, let’s chat about the charms! Charms can come from lots of places, and the most interesting ones are the charms that tell a story. One of the things I love the most about my co-workers’ bracelets are the variety of charms. Some are old earrings made into charms, small pendants or even baby rings. Some were bought while traveling or handed down from a family member. If there are specific charms you are looking for, we have vendors that sell only charms. They are extremely well made and very beautiful. We also have a goldsmith who can carve you the perfect charm out of wax and have it cast in silver or gold & even set with diamonds or other precious gemstones. Scared of commitment? We work with an artist who designs clip on charms, so you can change them out (see example below)!

So, if I love charm bracelets so much, you might be wondering why I have not put together my own bracelet yet. hmmm.... Especially, since I may or may not have been hoarding charms for years? Why don’t I have those charms on a bracelet right now?

Honestly,I think I love them so much, I put a lot of pressure on myself to have the perfect charm bracelet from the start… but that isn’t really how charm bracelets work. They are a collection of memories added to over time – making it more and more special. It tells a very special story, one that continues throughout a lifetime. Charm bracelets are truly a piece of you; stories and memories woven together and worn with you. Any way you start a charm bracelet, if it is big or small, know it is something you will treasure forever.