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Custom Jewelry!

Custom Jewelry

Do you dream of the perfect ring? Maybe a necklace in a magazine you have not been able to find? Or have you seen earrings on Pinterest you just can't stop thinking about?



It is summer people and you know what that means.... Beaches, BBQs, travel and lots of get-togethers. Throughout our travel, social gatherings and summer shenanigans we keep getting asked the same questions: "Can I make something I will want to wear out of my old crazy jewelry?", "Do you design jewelry?", "Does Broer-Freeman do custom work?" and "Are you seriously going back for MORE ice-cream?".

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!!!

We absolutely love refreshing old jewelry, designing new pieces, custom making work and we are always going to go back for more ice-cream (obviously).

It starts with a photo or we can sketch out ideas for you. Next we make a 3D wax that you can try on or a CAD image. From there we cast the metal, polish your piece, and set any stones. Just like that you have a fabulous new piece of jewelry to wear!

The best part is we can use your gold, diamonds and gemstones to make your piece! Do you have old broken jewelry you don't wear? Great Aunt Martha's engagement ring? Your grandfather's class ring? You can use any of these to make a new custom piece. If you don't have any inherited pieces to use - don't feel left out! We are happy to supply the gold, gemstones or diamonds for you!

To get started give us a call, email us at, or drop us a line on Facebook. We are always happy to give complimentary estimates. Creating custom jewelry is even more satisfying than eating a big fat ice cream sundae - and with out any guilt involved!

Remember friends - life is too short to wear boring jewelry!