Just the basics

Buying jewelry for yourself or others can be overwhelming so let’s keep it basic baby! 

These are our must-haves for every jewelry box. Consider it a  primer on basic jewelry for all. Are you ready? Great! Let’s do this!!

So, you want to start wearing more jewelry and you don’t know where to start, or you want to buy jewelry for someone else and you don’t know exactly what they would like? I totes understand. We hear this all the time. While jewelry is something, we at Broer-Freeman live and breathe, we get that you might not be the same. I can tell you nothing about wiring electricity and that, my friends, is why I hire an electrician. If the idea of buying jewelry makes you break out into a sweat, relax, we got this!

Well folks, let’s start with the basics. There are basic pieces for every budget and every stage of life that one can wear and feel good about. These are go-to pieces that can be worn all the time. Pieces of jewelry you can wear to the grocery store or out to dinner – nice everyday staples that won’t ever lead you astray. We have the full break down for you.


Basics for earrings? I have two words for you – Studs and Hoops. Both are great for everyday wear and can be found in every shape and size.

Hooray for hoops! They can be set with gemstones of almost any variety (diamonds are our favorite because they go with everything). 

They can be plain gold, platinum or silver and they come in lots of shapes and sizes. Honestly there are hoops for every taste and budget. 

Studs can be made with gemstones or plain gold, platinum or silver. They come in every shape size and color, but since we are pairing it down and keeping it simple … I would stick with a basic gold ball or button. If you want a gemstone I would go with diamond or pearl studs. Studs go with any outfit and can be worn for any occasion. They are a great option for someone on the go. They won’t catch on your clothing, hair or things at work and small children can’t pull on them. When my kids were little I literally lived in studs. I put them in my ears  and left them there. Done and done.


Yikes! Is your neck naked?! We have it covered. For great everyday necklaces that can be dressed up/dressed down the basic solitaire pendant is at the top of the list. Pick your stone, pick your setting chain and metal and you are good to go.  Diamonds are typically our first choice, but any gemstone will do. Pick a birthstone or just one you think is pretty! A simple solitaire pendant adds a little sparkle to any ensemble.


pearl restringing

The classic necklace that never goes out of style …3 words people ... String of pearls. Some think of them as formal but I think of them as a classic. Whether it is a full strand, single pearl or a station necklace pearls are a time-honored object of beauty. 

Hands down our favorite necklace at our store is the DBY aka Diamonds By the Yard. All of us at Broer-Freeman have one (except David – poor guy). On any given day one (or all) of us are wearing our DBY. In the last week alone, I have worn mine to work, to a party and to take my daughter to the doctor. It makes me feel like a million dollars and looks fabulous every time. 



Ok so you know I love a charm bracelet and if you are unfamiliar with said love – see my charm bracelet blog. https://www.broerfreeman.com/blog/114-charm-bracelets.html Since we have a full blog dedicated to charm bracelets let’s move on to my essential picks.

For an easy bracelet try a nice link bracelet in gold or silver. One with a nice drape works with any sleeve length. Dainty or chunky a link bracelet works for every occasion. They not only look fab by themselves, but they pair well with a watch or other bracelets.

Bangles baby. I love a good bangle bracelet. A huge stack of them or a single elegant circle; bangles make your wrist happy. Bangles are a perfect bracelet for every day, in fact, I personally wear one every single day. 

The diamond line bracelet. Boom. Talk about next level -this is the bracelet I aspire to have one day. You might not necessarily wear this every day, certainly not for house cleaning – but trust me when I say I would wear this as much as humanly possible.


Right Hand Ring

You may or may not be familiar with this term. Quite simply they are rings for the right hand. Traditionally the left hand is saved for wedding sets. What does that leave your right hand with? Fun that’s what!!! The right hand is for self-expression and to showoff your individuality. Also, who wants a sad right hand with nothing on it? That poor little right hand would feel unadorned and unloved. So let’s make that right hand happy. If you aren’t sure about a big statement ring or cocktail ring, I would start out with stacking rings. The beautiful part of stacking rings is you can wear one by itself or wear several together for a bigger look.  A nice basic stacking band or solitaire adds a touch of sparkle and shine to every ensemble.

Whew! That was a lot of information! I hope you feel better about the jewelry basics. Always remember, start out simple and work your way up. We want to keep it easy for you and better yet – exciting and fun! If you still feel confused or unsure stop in – there is nothing we like better than helping people pick out jewelry. We will be sure to help you find something you are comfortable wearing and make you feel marvelous!