Peridot Paradise

Peridot Paradise

August is almost over and we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the most popular August birthstone - Peridot!

If you were born in August like our owner, you were blessed with many birthstones, three to be exact. Sardonyx, Spinel and by far the most popular ... Peridot. 

Peridot used to have a rep for being the icky green birthstone, but no more friends! Gone are the dreary olive colored peridots that were so prodigious in the 80's. Peridot are positively peachy! Our favorite are peridot with a vivid lime color.

The beautiful bright color of the peridot is what sets it apart from other green gemstones and frankly, makes it so much fun. In fact, like to think of the peridot as the margarita of gem stones. It is bright, refreshing and brings fun to any party.

The peridot is as easy to wear as a margarita is to drink on Taco Tuesday. It's vibrant color will go with any spring or summer outfit. Green always goes well with a fall color palate. In winter the hue will brighten up your day despite any dreary weather the season might bring.

Peridot plays well with other, they pair well with every gemstone I can think of. For a monochromatic look, they are fantastic with other green stones like emerald or tourmaline. They also look amazing with pink, purple, blue, yellow or even orange stones!

peridot and pink sap halo ringsherco peridot and quartz earstackable rings

What? You still aren't convinced about how perfectly palmy peridots are? There are legends that accompany the peridot from Hawaii to Egypt and beyond. They have even been found in meteorites. Peridots are literally out of this world!

Did you know that peridots are considered a healing stone? Peridots are also considered a powerful protector; warding off evil and bringing peace and happiness to its wearer. Some cultures believe that the peridot brings those who wear it clarity and an understanding of their destiny. I have always thought that peridots are a fun gemstone, mostly because the color makes me happy. However, some legends say that they are imbued with joyful energy that builds strong relationships. No wonder they make me so happy!

Would you like to visit a real Peridot Paradise? It is in Hawaii (obviously). No Seriously, Mahana Beach in Hawaii is a beach covered in green sand. The astounding color of the sand comes from... you guessed it - Peridot! The waves of the ocean erode the naturally occurring peridot from the volcanic rock and mix with the sand to make this glorious green beach. There are also beaches in Guam (Talofofo Beach), Punta Cormorant (Floreana Island in the Galapagos Islands), and Hornindalsvatnet a lake in Norway.

The peridot: we say, wear it - love it! Time to prep yourself for the power of peridot paradise people! 

herco peridot mulit stone ears

 For more information on Peridots please visit the AGS at: https://www.americangemsociety.org/page/AugustBirthstones?&hhsearchterms=%22peridot%22