Who loves rubies? We do!!



It's July and  besides wanting to eat mounds of ice cream, it also puts us in the mood for Rubies. The hot summer suits this gorgeous firey stone. That must be why it is such a perfect match for July birthdays.  

Some call this is king of precious gems - lucky for all of those amazing people born in the month of July. These gorgeous stones have been treasured through out history symbolizing vitality, passion, prosperity, and protection. People have put them to many different uses because of their preceived power. They have been used in Chinese suits of armor and as offerings to the gods in different cultures.

Did we mention how hot rubies are? Seriously we mean  HOT! Ancient Greeks belived their warmth could melt wax. The firey heat within rubies were said to boil water in Hindu folklore. They were even used to make the first working laser!

Many consider it to be the perfect wedding gemstone because of its symbolization of love and passion <3. Lately it has been gaining popularity in engagement rings and wedding bands. The red of the ruby adds a beautiful pop of color - shaking up the traditional all diamond look. Not only do they look amazing with diamonds - but they are a practical addition. Rubies are the hardest gemstone besides diamonds, in fact they measure a 9 on Mohs scale. A  good quality ruby will wear well in an every day ring like an engagement ring, wedding band, or anniversary band. Did I just say anniversary band? It is also they traditional gift for a 15th or 40th anniversary. 

Quality rubies can be hard to find. The classical Burmese have been depleated for a long time and many rubies being mined today are treated to improve their color. Purchasing loose rubies or ruby jewelry while traveling is usually a bad idea. Many times when people bring jewelry in for appraisal they have purchased on vacation under the microscope we find they are fracture filled to make them look better or have other major issues.They might look pretty but inside they are a hot mess! If it seems like a deal too good to be true .... it probably is. Needless to say, it is important when purchasing rubies of any type (or any gemstone for that matter) to use a trusted (AGS certified) jeweler.

Rubies can be more expensive than diamonds beacuse of their beauty, durability and rarity. But never fear - they come in many shapes and sizes and we are sure to find a ruby to suit any budget. Whether it's a pair of earrings, a bracelet, necklace, a right hand ring or part of a wedding set - that wonderful person in your life with a July birthday deserves rubies.  Heck, even if you were not lucky enought to be born in July treat yourself to ruby jewelry. It's beauty and glowing energy are an experience everyone should enjoy. Firey rubies and cool ice cream - the best parts of summer!

ruby bracelets

We could go on for days about rubies but if you would like more information please visit the American Gem Society https://www.americangemsociety.org/page/julybirthstone