Vibrant in Vintage

Vibrant in Vintage

I have a not so well kept secret….. are you ready?


Actually, everyone at Broer-Freeman Jewelers holds an affinity for estate pieces. We all wear them and absolutely love them. In fact, I wear estate jewelry on a daily basis, I have an anniversary band that is vintage & I always have it on. David can be seen most days wearing his 1988 vintage Rolex as well. Vintage jewelry can evoke images of gorgeous jewelry of a bygone era…. It can also make one think of kitschy jewelry from more recent decades. That is just one of the many reasons why are we positively palpitating over vintage. There is so much variety, so many distinct styles from decades past there is truly something for everyone. 
January brought one of the largest vintage jewelry shows in the world to Miami Florida. I spoke to a few of the vintage jewelry houses we use to procure estate jewelry for our own collection to find out how the show was. They said the market for vintage pieces is hotter than ever and luckily, we are the ones benefiting from their great finds in Miami. According to Andrea Canady, the director of the Miami Beach Jewelry and Watch Show “The jewelry market is strong and getting stronger; the demand by collectors for quality luxury accessories from all categories can’t be ignored.” The good news is you don’t have to be a collector to appreciate estate jewelry, but be warned…. It can be addicting and before you know it you could be a collector too!
Affordability is one of the best parts of estate jewelry. Many times, estate pieces can be extremely well priced. For example, we have a great selection of vintage engagement rings. They are absolutely stunning and the prices are outstanding. If you are on a tight budget for an engagement an estate ring is a really great option. The same goes for anniversary and wedding bands. I got lucky with my anniversary band. One of our favorite estate jewelry vendors happened to have a sapphire and diamond band that lined up perfectly with my wedding set. So …it was Happy 15th anniversary to me!
An estate engagement or wedding ring might not be for you, but when it comes to estate the possibilities are endless. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and right-hand rings… I can’t get enough! From a subtle gold bangle to a large diamond bracelet, twinkly tiny studs to large diamond drop earrings - vintage has it all.
The endless possibilities are what keep me coming back to vintage. When we get new estate merchandise in, the feeling is overwhelming in the best way possible. Usually my eyes get big, I get a little sweaty, my voice goes up and my head gets a little fuzzy …. Not unlike having a stiff cocktail. Every so often we come across a truly one of a kind piece, and the feeling is absolutely transcendent… I swear it is like an out of body experience just getting to see those pieces in real life. Honestly, it is a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Seriously though, looking through an estate grouping we have purchased is like opening a treasure chest of opportunity. Not just for myself or my co-workers (although we do like to keep an eye out for each other) but for our customers. There are many times when we see a piece of jewelry we know one of our customers would love & immediately call them. It is just the best feeling to have a really unique vintage piece come in the store and then see it go home with someone who loves it! 
 Some may stick to vintage finds from specific eras. Personally, I love them all and would be hard pressed to pick an era or vintage style I like best. My personal jewelry collection runs more modern. Most of my estate pieces are from the mid to late 20th century but I have a few that are from older eras that I cherish. Over the next few blogs, I am going to highlight different eras of vintage jewelry. This blog would go on forever if I went through them all now. So, I thought it best to space them out and give them all their time to shine. Come Join us on our vintage journey and stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for our latest vintage finds!